Monday, November 23, 2009

A necessary step

It's time to legalize marijuana. It's effects on public safety even with a much higher rate of usage than now is a lot less than alcohol. It's costing us a ton of money in enforcement and is fueling (although not solely responsible) for the drug war in South America that is leaking into America. I know it is a far way off from gaining the public support it needs, but I'm throwing in my voice for the legalization and taxing of marijuana. There are countries that have experimented with this with fairly good result, although nowhere has anyone implemented it on a large scale.

Here's a graph that shows the financial aspects pretty starkly.



  1. The more I research and learn about it the more I'm for it. I'm pretty conservative on most things but I think it would do more good than harm to legalize marijuana

  2. I agree with you, Tim. Why not legalize it? I know there are A TON of legitimate reasons, but they really pale in comparison to these numbers.