Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNoWriMo Update

Word Count: 20,478
On target goal: 17,393

I was hoping to give more frequent updates about my writing, but obviously that hasn't happened. All the time I have to write about my writing I use writing. It's quite the fix. But today I am feeling very good, so I'll drop in an update.

I must say, I've had a lot easier time this year than I have ever had before staying on track. Sometime the fact that I am writing so much and still having so much homework will catch up with me. But for now I am riding high. My story which started with nothing except the death of the mother of the main character to give it guidance has turned out even a little better than I thought it would. It's moving itself along quickly and certainly not backing itself into any corners that are hard to write out of like some of my old stories would.

My writing speed is really starting to pick up, which is nice because I am reaching my daily goals with a lot less time invested which leaves me more time for everything else. Hopefully this continues. I've left a lot of the "trying to guide the story along to have a meaningful plot" kind of stuff behind and now I am just writing whatever comes to my head. It's nice because the writing is just about as good either way, so it doesn't make me feel bad.

I might let some people read this thing when I am done, we'll see. But thanks for your support anyway.


  1. Good luck Tim with the writing!

  2. I hope I am priveleged enough to read it!

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