Monday, November 23, 2009

Best buds

It's been nice having Tim at home all day the past few months. He's taking 16 credits but mostly does his homework at home, and usually only goes to campus when I have to be up on campus too so we're pretty much always together. I hope we can continue this trend (as much as we can). I know Tim likes being at home with Atticus, and I know Atticus will appreciate how much his dad takes care of him and is involved in his life. Next year Tim might even take a year off and be full-time stay-at-home daddy while I either work (potentially) or start grad school (probably).

They are best buds.


  1. Atticus looks very focused on what Daddy is doing. Funny how observant they can be sometimes.

  2. I love this so much. And Tim. I love him.

  3. oh i love it! Jackie and her dad have a specail connection from the 2 years he spent taking care of her! I am hoping that i get that connecction with Abby now that I get to take care of her !