Friday, November 13, 2009

The comment I deleted

Here's the comment I deleted on my Nanowrimo post from a person called Publisher, enjoy it and then we'll analyze it.

Hello everyone,
Christmas is comming soon, I start usually in the summer, to be sure to get a good deals. I want to make happy my familly this year. I would like to buy a tiffany & Co key pendant for my mom Jewelry Box , the one with diamonds costs 10,000$, but I don't have the budget for it, so I will buy the silver one at 100$.For my dad, I want to buy him a watch, I am hesiting between a Rolex or Seiko watches, I choose this two models : Rolex Watches or Seiko Watches What do you think?My husband is giving me a hard time, he would like to have a sneakers but he hesitate between different models, I found this model at Air Jordan Shoes , it's a good sneakers for basketball.But, our gifts, will be Generic Drugs .I am not forgeting my self, I will
ask my husband to buy me the Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses Oakley Sunglasses, they are amazing.What do u think about this gifts ideas and I like this blog Fashion News Or this one Cars And Dell Computer Thank you a lot in advance.

  1. So, appartently, her (I think, maybe his) mother's name is Jewelry Box. I think I'll try to convince Cait to name our first daughter that.
  2. She was looking to buy either a Rolex or a Seiko and after much deliberation she found the perfect products from each company: the Rolex Watches and the Seiko Watches. At least she isn't limiting herself
  3. Her husband really likes basketball, and she was going to buy him some Air Jordan's, but in the end decided to buy him some Generic Drugs instead. Classic.
I like these blogs General Motors and Brooms.

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  1. I am hesiting between Air Jordan Shoes and punching this person in the face What do you think? Air Jordan Shoes... it's a good sneakers for basketball.BUT punching her in the face is sounds good to, and I won't have to spend more 100$