Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pediatrician and updates for the grandparents

I like our pediatrician. He doesn't care that we co-sleep and he talked us through all of the vaccines and said it's totally up to us which ones to give but still gave us his recommendations. He taught us how to swaddle our baby. It was a pleasant experience.

What's not pleasant? How much my breasts hurt.

And my baby is breastfeeding POWERHOUSE. I have so much milk, and he wants to eat it all. He's gained a pound since birth. A pound, in two weeks. Wait to go Atticus.

Behold, my baby sleeps at night! Like all night! Co-sleeping is great. He sleeps about four hours, wants to eat, we eat for half an hour, then he's asleep for another four hours. If it wasn't for the darn plugged ducts and mastitis we could just roll over and nurse and then fall back asleep and that would be divine. But I have to apply heat before, pump the other side, apply cold after, take my medicine, etc, etc.

And: A shout-out and huge thanks to my dear, dear friends (Rachel and Sara) who brought us the most amazing dinners this week. Holy yum.


  1. What an awesome pediatrician! We co-slept for a loooong time and Raleigh transitioned really well when we felt it was time. Little Atticus is so so cute!!

  2. That's great that you found a pediatrician you like. Sorry to hear about the plugged ducts and mastitis... that sounds miserable. We too are co-sleeping and it is wonderful, at least I think so, DH not so much. He is nervous about what will happen with the new little one.

  3. i'm sorry you hsve mastitis! that sucks. hopefully it goes away soon. who is your pediatrician?? thats awesome he's already sleeping 4 hours at night for you!! parker just started sleeping longer at night, for the first whole month he was waking up every 3 hours to eat.

  4. Ok so maybe I'm totally ignorant here, but what is co-sleeping? Never heard of it.... I'm glad he's such a good breastfeeder- such a blessing!