Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trying food

Alright, so I failed Nablopomo. Oh well. The election just threw me all off, because I was interested in a lot of the rehash in the news and on facebook. Moving on.

Tallulah has started eating food. Super exciting post right? But let's just stop and think about it for a minute. 8 months ago this child was receiving all her nutrition through a tube connected to her belly. And then she had a diet of nothing but milk secreted by her mother. Yes, secreted. And after less that 3/4 of a year, she can eat things that grow randomly out of the ground (she's been vegetarian so far) on a planet on where she didn't even exist a year and a half ago. That's insane. Sometimes, just because every other baby does the same thing at the same age, I think we lose perspective about just how miraculous the beginnings of human life are. Blows my mind.

So far, she is really into bread, broccoli and beans. We tried to start her out with asparagus, anchovies and artichokes, but that never took. First sentence true, second sentence not. Just like Atticus, she totally rejected baby foods and prefers partially regurgitated people food, but only if you don't give it to her on a spoon, which she has learned not to trust. That's our little sceptic.

Enjoy pictures and a video. Sorry, it's google video you can't see on iPads, but loading it to youtube and then to blogger just so you didn't have to get on your PC just to see our kid eating soup seemed too hard.


  1. Our baby is the same! He hates baby food. He will eat food I chew for him. He loves bread. And he's just begun to be interested in solid food, and he's 6mo+ old.
    Rachel was lunging for my spoon at 3mo and ate everything from beef stew to lasagna to enchiladas.

    Babies are weird. And each is unique.

  2. Aidan would eat a lot of things as a baby, but he did prefer real food, and he loved things I chewed up and gave him too.

  3. I just got the Baby Led Weaning book off the waitlist at the library. I started spoon feeding against my better judgement and we all hate it. Not that R is interested in real food yet either. Good job, Tallulah!