Friday, November 2, 2012

Finger Cutting

I'm going to use November as a chance to catch up on some old happenings that I have neglected for too long. Back on September 18, we were making dinner when Atticus cut his finger trying to help slice potatoes. He was only using a butter knife, but as my sister Charity knows, those can cut through skin if you get it just right. Obviously he was upset at getting hurt, but he was even more upset about having to go to the doctor. Cait jumped into the back of our car with him and we drove the .2 miles to the University Hospital Emergency Room down the road. He ended up getting a few stitches, which we had a hard time keeping clean and covered. They gave him some local anesthetic and some relaxant/memory loss pill that made things go easier. He screamed a lot more when we went to get the stitches out a week and a half later. He also got to play on the hospital's cool iPad. Sorry a lot of the pictures are crappy, it reflects the craziness of the moment.

Check out Atticus giving the guy next to us a pat on the knee

He looks really old in this picture.

After a little infection, his finger is as good as uncut now.


  1. "Good as uncut" - I always marvel at the way our bodies heal. Ben is always cut and scraped and blistered and I think he'll never heal, and he always does.