Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Boogs at 8 months

I don't know where that nickname came from, but it has kind of stuck. She is often referred to as "Boogs" "Boobs" and "Badoogs"... but usually she is just our Lu. Happy eight months of life, baby girl.

And she is still the most delightful child. Even while teething and with a cold. Happy as can be. She loves food and eats anything we put within reach. She loves her big brother and today she pushed a car around on a track and we were thoroughly impressed. She also can crawl backwards and sometimes forwards.

Having fun isn't hard when your parents have a library card...

Also, you can expect a crawling post real soon.


  1. She's starting to look more like Atticus.

  2. Ha, I am glad I'm not the only one to give my kids strange nicknames. I still call my 7-year-old "Bobble" and my 5-year-old Poogle (or Piggle, or Puddleglum). I try not to do it in front of their friends.

  3. I was thinking she looks more like Atticus, too!

    Our kids are nicknamed Squeege and Tookie (Gilmore Girls, anyone?).

    I laughed so hard about the "library card" caption!! Hahaha! I remember that episode! Good times.

  4. yay for happy girls! I lucked out with one too! SOO FUN!!
    She's so precious!