Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Movie Night

Alright everyone, Cait and I don't get out on too many dates, and we have photographic evidence of even fewer. So let's post about one of the few we do. Cait and I got some of her friends from school to come watch our kids so we could go see hunger games for free at the University a little while after it came out. We had a debate about whether or not we should leave Tallulah, and after some pressuring from me, we decided to leave her.

Only a little while after we got on the bus the sitters called to say that she wouldn't stop screaming. So after some more pressure from me to wait until we got to school, we called back and she was still crying. So one of the sitters stayed with Atticus (who was great the whole time) and the other drove Tallulah to us, and Tallulah promptly fell asleep as soon as they started driving. Cait went out to get her and I stayed in line for the movie.

We stayed at the movie until the violence started, and decided it wasn't for us. So we had a nice time waiting for the bus and talking about the place of violence in our lives (we both agreed that we would like to minimize it), we took the bus home and some nice foreign girls took our picture for us. And do you know how lucky you are? You get one with flash and one without.

Hot couple with a cute baby. You can't beat it. Also, this picture is great for showing how different my beard is in color to my hair. I know you all love when I talk about my beard in photo captions. 


  1. I've been to 1.5 movies in 3 years. None with kids.

    The violence in The Hunger Games movie was nauseating. and ironic. (have we talked about this before...?)

    Cait is so lovely.

  2. Oh you guys want to minimize violence in your lives? We have always tried to maximize it....

  3. I didn't even like the violence in The Hunger Games book, so I knew the movie was not for me.