Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Atheist potluck

More of everyone's favorite posts: Boring stuff we did 2 months ago. I can't decide whether to spread these out or to milk them for all they're worth (I almost typed "their worth" and didn't but you know what? "Their worth" would have worked just fine too). 

So, we went to a nice Atheist potluck. Free thinkers sure no how to cook. It was also bitterly cold, even on September 22, while today was 70 degrees. Wisconsin weather is very unpredictable. Atticus was entertained by dancing in front of a man's iPhone and then watching it... over... and over... and over again. Luckily skeptics don't have a lot of children so they are a novelty and everyone loves them.

And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm obviously proud in this picture. But is it of my child or my beard?


  1. "So, we went to a nice Atheist potluck. Free thinkers sure no how to cook" - I hope this was somewhat sardonic; assuming Atheism = free thought is kind of a stretch. Possibilianism or agnostic non-theist, maybe, but atheism, no. There's no free thought in fundamental religiosity or fundamental atheism.

  2. I use "free thinkers" because it's the term they use to define themselves, at least the group we potlucked with. I believe that most groups should be able to classify themselves as they wish. Even if I end up rejecting the idea the LDS church is true, I wont stop calling Mormons "Latter-day Saints" even if I were to believe they were nothing of the sort.

    And, a little sidenote, this post was scheduled a few days before I wrote my last faith crisis post, so the timing is pretty coincidental. This is not becoming a liberal atheist propoganda blog.

  3. I take issue with someone calling themselves both an atheist and a 'free thinker'. By definition, atheism means certain disbelief in a God. Agnostic theists/non-theists or possibilianists are more free in thought since they may live on assumption but are open to anything but by definition, atheists are not free. They are constrained by the absolute rejection of supernatural anything. That's all. Perhaps 'atheist' is being used in a broader definition than it's description.

    Also, this blog can be whatever you want it to be, regardless of what anyone might assume.

  4. Atticus is so cute dancing. Love it.