Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Halloween Day!

As it was the first Halloween where Atticus really got into, we decided to go all out and borrow costumes from our friends and trick-or-treat in our Eagle Heights neighborhood. Atticus actually really wanted to be Super Why, but I did not have the capacity to make a costume nor the money to buy one. He made a very cute penguin, and once we picked up the costume from his friend Kylie, he was more than happy to wear it (though we thought it was his size, and turned out to be a 12-18 months....)

His school had a little parade, so this is all the photographic evidence we can provide of the occasion. Tallulah was a very cute kangaroo, and maybe there is a picture of her somewhere, on some camera. 

My favorite part of the evening was our Chinese neighbors exclaiming "Happy Halloween Day!" Language can be so funny.

This could also be seen as kind of a Halloween-y picture, so I included it here

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