Monday, October 1, 2012

The Week in Review: Sep 30

It's been a full week, and a what I feel like will be a pretty typical week here in Madison, except hopefully we don't end every week with everyone in the family getting the flu. Last Sunday was a relatively full Sunday, as we went to the Unitarian church in the morning, had a music class for Atticus in the afternoon and had one of our home teachers come over in the evening (who is also going through his own faith transition).

Cait had a presentation on Monday and lots of school, homework and extra lectures. I ran with the local running group on Monday night. We all came up to campus on Tuesday night as Cait had a long day of school and then extra lectures after. She tried to take Lula while I took Atticus around to different buildings, exploring. But campus just isn’t a good place for kids, so I don’t know if we’ll try that again. Wednesday we went to a local playgroup in the morning, that was quite the bike ride. Thursday Atticus went to the fire station with his school. Friday night there was a kids night out at the Eagle Heights community center, where you can drop the kids off for the night, supposedly so you can go on a date. Cait did homework, and I did shopping.

It was clear, though, after Atticus came back, that he was getting sick. And now we’ve all had the flu for the past few days. Cait did make it to the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday night and I went to the Unitarian Church (henceforward known as FUS) on Sunday morning, but we’ve pretty much been in survival mode ever since, with me being really sick last night and Cait really sick today. I was able to get most of the final touches on my first book done and will be posting it online soon, so at least there is that to be excited about.