Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Fabulous Tallulah (at 7 months)

Sheesh, has it only been 7 months?? I feel like I've known this girl for a lifetime. She is still unfailingly pleasant and smiles at everyone. She had a few incidents of stranger anxiety, but they have been fewer and farther between. She loves to nurse (still going strong at 10-12 times a day) and pinch and pull your hair and steal Atticus's Arthur game pieces but we love her to bits anyways. She can roll and scoot on her back and even pulled herself from sitting up to her knees. She is a confident unsupported sitter (with the occasional topple) and can go from sitting to her belly with little effort (but then she gets mad that she can't go back to sitting). She rarely poops and sometimes will eat real food but not too often (so far, our biggest hit was chicken tortilla soup after she rejected the lovingly pureed beets and butternut squash from the farmers' market). She loves being in the Moby wrap while Tim does the dishes and going for stroller rides to brother's preschool.

She sits through feminist book clubs meetings without a peep (she's soaking it alllllll in) and sometimes goes to school with mom. She has fuzzy blonde hair and still the longest fingers. She weighed in at her last pediatrician appointment at a whopping 14 lbs, 13 oz. Looks like she's following the exact same growth curve as her brother. She has one bottom tooth and is (thankfully) not a nipple biter, though she does like to gnaw on people's fingers and that sucker is sharp. Despite the teething and recent illness and being cooped up in the house because of bad weather (rainy and 50s, bleh) she is a trooper! She loves her Aunt Austin and they had some serious bonding time last weekend when she was visiting. She is vocal and lets you know what she wants and when she wants it. Like now, she wants me to nurse her to sleep and is batting at my chest and squealing like a baby pig.

What a gal!

This is not edited, her eyes are really that blue!

She loooooves broccoli! Baby-led weaning at its finest.

This one is actually a few months old... and she still doesn't like avocado


  1. She is such a joyful baby! I'm so glad you're feeding her avocado. Maybe selfishly, 'cause it makes me happy knowing I'm not the only person feeding avocado to a baby.

  2. She is a doll. And Ezra and Elliott love avocado, but we tricked them into liking it by mixing it with bananas for a while. I still can't get over how perfect her tiny little face is. Adorable.

  3. Love that Lula girl. I think it's hilarious that she rejects the avocado and beets and squash but digs into the broccoli and tortilla soup. Whatever works, I guess! And then there's Gavin, whose first word was "CA-DOH!"

    How do you get these skinny babies who rarely poop, and I get the backbreakers who poop 12 times a day? Maybe I'm overfeeding my children... :)

  4. (I obviously just found your blog... I promise I won't be an obnoxious commenter all the time) But she is so so cute, I hope she and Norah can become great friends.

  5. gah! baby tallulah squealing like a baby pig totally just made my night.