Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New acquisitions

Check out some of the new things we've gotten for our new apartment. We moved out here with pretty much nothing, so we've had to buy some things. Here are some of the things that we really like.

Artistic dish drainer

Bins for toys and recycling. We got two.

We actually picked up this little kitchen in South Carolina on the side of the road

We were looking for a chair like this ever since we got here
Things we still need:
A couch
A microwave


  1. Hey we just got a microwave today! But I don't know if I will start using it again....I have found that food tastes so much better without one. I am way jealous of your tiny kitchen roadside find! I can't believe you guys didn't brag about it sooner!

    1. Did you know that food holds its nutrients in better when microwaved versus boiling or baking?! I always thought eating microwaved food gives you cancer. It's true that it tastes better those other ways, though.

  2. The toy bin, it's the one from IKEA right? How have you liked it? Does it work well for organizing toys of lots of shapes and sizes? Kid friendly?
    I've been looking at one for my own kiddos, but the hubs just seems kinda blah... of course he's also not the one picking up five million and one (okay, so I'm exagerating, but after school and work and chasing kiddos around it FEELS that way ) toys every other day (yes, every other becuase they pull all of them out and any more frequently results in a mother with a very loud, very frustrated, yell of terror and threats that she will cut off little fingers if they ever touch a toy agian--- no I wouldn't really cut of little fingers, but my five year old isn't sure and I like it that way)