Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Book

I'm very happy to announce the self-publishing of my first book. This is by no means a masterpiece, but of the 5 or so books that I've got to a first draft, it was the only one I've liked enough to edit enough for publishing. It was also, incidentally, the first book I ever finished. It's a nice little read, if I do say so myself. I am tempted to launch into a critique of my writing, six or seven years out, but I'll resist. I am actually, secretly, quite proud of it. If you like it, you're welcome, if not, too bad. It was only $3.

Find my first book Here.

Technical notes: I am only publishing my book on kindle for the first 90 days, because Amazon offers some pretty good incentives to do so. Also, if this book has any chance of success (which are slim) it will be on Amazon. So if you really want to get it on the nook or whatever other reader, email me or google+ me and I'll let you know how you would get that. Also, no plans to publish physical copies. The entry price of that is way too high unless you have a publisher, which I don't. Take this as an opportunity to get yourself a kindle. The simplest (and in my opinion, best) kindle is only $69. Or download the free app on any smartphone, pc or mac. If you're reading this post, you've got one of those. Or someone printed out a copy of this post and mailed it to you. I doubt that.

I also plan on dropping the price to $.99 sometime soon, so if you want to wait for that, feel free. I'll let the blog know when that happens. It will probably be free sometime in the distant future, if I get around to making this book a part of a series.


  1. Hello Tim, Curtis has published many physical books through an online publisher they print copies as they are purchased so you might look into it. There are no upfront costs and it is pretty cool to have a physical book to hold.

  2. But I just figured out there's kindle for PC application. I'll use that.

  3. Sorry I deleted your first comment Devany. It puts your second comment out of context. Life is hard.

  4. Tim, I'm so very pleased to see this happening. I'm also very much excited to see you use "T.K. Browning"... I always thought it had a dignified ring to it.