Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bragging about Cait

Listen up everybody, Cait is doing awesome. Of course with any big life change, there is plenty of doubt about whether this is the right course. Should we have just stayed in Provo, gone to Rutgers, been hippy midwives (both of us) in the forests of Tennessee? Well, we're here and we're doing just fine. When Cait had to pick which program to join between Rutgers or Wisconsin, she picked the more difficult one. When she had to pick French or Arabic as her primary language of study, she picked the harder one. When she had to decide whether to do the whole thing with one kid or two (this was more of a joint decision) she picked the harder one. And she's done the whole thing with a stay-at-home dad that is still having a hard time fully transitioning into being at home. He's not great at making dinner, keeping things clean or getting the kids to bed. But she's not just getting it done, she's excelling.

That's pretty much all this post is about. I'm really proud. Just check out these pictures. Cait had a full day of classes, came home and went to a potluck with members of her cohort while taking care of her baby, her son was happily running around and then went shopping with us.

She even gets great grades on her Arabic tests, something I never accomplished.


  1. Go Cait! Sorry you didn't become hippy midwives in TN... The Farm is awesome.

  2. That's awesome! You go, girl!! That's fun that she's taking Arabic. Thanks for the update. It's great to hear you guys are doing well.

    (And Tim, don't beat yourself up about having a hard time. It's not you. Staying at home is just HARD. All of us have a hard time making dinner and keeping the house clean. I actually don't ever do those things unless Peter's home, too. Just play with your babies and that's good enough.)

  3. Atticus sure looks happy. And Lu's getting so big.