Monday, October 15, 2012

South Carolina

I really enjoyed my stay in South Carolina. I know that anyone who was with me might have some doubts about the truth behind that statement. Cait obviously has a lot more emotional ties to the area than I do, but I grew attached to the place in my time there. I found it thoroughly enjoyable how the days seemed to stretch forever, both because we were in the heart of summer as well as because we had very little structure to our days.

While I felt slightly guilty for not having a real job (although I got in quite a few hours doing some paid writing for my mom and a SEO site), it was great just to have some uninterrupted time together as a family and have a lot of other people around to talk with and to play with our kids. In a summer with so little on our plates, there was never a dull moment.

I really appreciate that Cait's parents were willing to host us for so long. We are a very peculiar family and have a particular way of doing things, as do most families, and the Carroll's also have their way of doing things. There were a lot of clashes, but few big deals. They even let me work on my car in their front yard for a few weeks.

The trip to the beach was especially nice. We never really did "full vacation" things like that growing up, we mostly camped. It was fun to all be together with most of the family in a place where nobody had anything really going on and we were all able to relax (as much as the big Carroll clan can relax when they're all together).

I often felt like my personality didn't mesh very well with the family dynamic, but that is to be expected, since Cait and I love each other for being so different form each other in many ways. I learned a lot about people who are really important in our life, and that makes being a little bit uncomfortable worth it.

So thanks to everyone who made it a great summer. I really enjoyed it. Here are some unpublished videos from the season.


  1. We enjoyed it, too. I can't see the videos.

  2. I can relate to the beach vacation portion of this post. Peter is from North Carolina, and every 2 years, all the Konnekers meet up at the Outer Banks for a week. I most definitely DO NOT fit in with the rest of the crowd, but I love it anyway. The beach is so amazing, and I enjoy seeing Peter be with all the people he loves, even if they don't love me. It's coming up again Summer 2013, and I can't wait! Wesley's first time at the beach.

  3. Man, my kids are loud. Except when they are playing Angry Birds.