Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Thon Thursday

We're still moving into the new apartment (which we'll blog about soon) and I have a paper to finish (which I most likely wont blog about), but consistency in training is key, right? So my feet started feeling better by the end of last week. There was a 5k on Saturday that was supposed to be really fast so I wanted to run it for a post-HS PR, but the snow Friday changed that, since the run was up in the trails of Provo canyon. The first mile was super snowy and windy, the second had a stretch of switchbacks that were iced over and had to be slid down and so it wasn't until the last 1.5 miles on the Provo River trail that I could really get up to speed (and even that was icy enough to make me run carefully). My goal was to go out fast so that as few people would pack the snow and make it slippery in front of me. So I started really fast and got in first and stayed in first 'til the end of the race. Some people bunched up behind me on the downhill because my 5 Fingers didn't have as much tread as their sneakers, but besides that I was able to stay out in front pretty good. Everyone asked about the 5 Fingers, which worked great, even in the snow and we won something like $70 dollars in gift certificates as a prize for winning the race. So overall, it went great, even though they called the wrong name when they gave me the medal for winning. Here are the results.

This week has been fine. My heels have been a little sore as I've tried to run heavier in my 5 fingers. I have my longest run so far this weekend, at 20 miles, which I'll try to fit in before conference starts, but might cut into Saturday morning a bit.

My training schedule. You'll see that I'm considering doing 2 marathons now, including one in my hometown of Morgan. We'll see.

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