Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lullabies for Theodore

Tonight it took an especially long time  to get Theodore to go to sleep, and I always lay down with him in the bed and nurse and sing until he falls asleep. I usually just stick with old favorites like Primary songs and nursery rhymes, but after about half an hour I had exhausted the usuals and was trying to come up with new songs to sing. I had a sudden craving for Death Cab for Cutie songs, and realized that I had forgotten the words to a lot of my favorites. So, I have renewed my love of them through a Grooveshark playlist, and I'm remembering how surreal their songs feel and how complex their lyrics are. They remind of a simpler and more complicated time in my life... before I met Tim and settled down into the life we are living now.

I think is our new bedtime ritual song... I love it:

I Will Follow You into the Dark

Death Cab for Cutie | Myspace Video

Blogging about Death Cab for Cutie reminded me of all the other music I used to listen to and dream about... I'm sure I've mentioned my mad lesbian crush on Ani DiFranco before. She is an earth goddess born into the flesh. Her music speaks to me. I went to her concert with friend Elisse back in the summer of 2008, and it was probably the greatest night of my life. I'm not even exaggerating. Elisse and I did not even know each other and it was the first time we hung out, but how can you not do some good ole female bonding over Ani and her music!? I remember when "Untouchable Face" came on, we danced and jumped around and screamed the lyrics. Yes, there are a few very explicit words in the chorus, but how can you not? I've never felt so liberated and alive. Weird, but true. And the two of us were both engaged/seriously dating so it's not like we had annoying men in our lives to be angry at. It just feels good to scream that word at the top of your lungs and everyone around you is doing it too.

I really need to go to another Ani concert.

And Ani DiFranco isn't just a raving lesbian feminist either... she's a motherly, natural-birthing, breastfeeding feminist. I have a beloved issue of Mothering magazine passed down to me from Valerie Hudson that holds a cherished spot on our bookshelf. Mothering magazine + Ani on the cover + main article of Ani talking about her home birth and breastfeeding her darling little girl = the best gift ever. And Dr. Hudson had no idea at the time how much I loved Ani DiFranco, she was just passing on some old magazines...

I love the second comment: "Ani is proof that God is a woman"

Ani DiFranco - Smiling Underneath from Artists Den on Vimeo.

Mmmmmm. I'm off to bed now that I've had my fix.

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