Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love my kid, love my life

I know I've only been a legit stay-at-home mommy for not even a week now, but I am loooooving it. I forgot how sweet it is to wake up and hang out in PJs, make pancakes for breakfast, go to the park and hang out with other awesome mommies, read books during naptime (and do the dishes, but it's not as bad as I make it out to be!), go for walks in the sunshine, play for an hour with sidewalk chalk, go to the library at random intervals throughout the day, hang out and eat delicious lunches together, have a husband who actually has time for his school work.... etc. etc. etc.

Hopefully I get sick of it... or else I will have a heck of a time motivating myself to go back to school...

PS- I also have a job interview next Wednesday. But for a way sweeter job... and they really want a Spanish-speaker so I'm probably not qualified to get the job anyways but might as well try, right?


  1. Staying at home is SO awesome. I love the pancakes and the park trips and the book reading and all that.

    I will admit to occasionally wanting a job though. Just a little bit.

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  2. Staying home is so nice. Way less stressful, I think, as long as you can get the adult interaction and mental stimulation you need, which I struggle with on occasion. Not to mention a break from the kid(s).

  3. Being a stay at home mom is the bomb.

  4. I love staying home! I used to want to go back to school soon too but I didn't realize how much I would like staying home and really I don't feel like it is a bad decision at all, our makes me less successful or influential or like I am submitting to the mormon cultural expectations in provo. I just love it and it works for our family right now. I am also notorious for hate hate hating every manager and therefore job I have ever hadso maybe that is why

  5. I'm glad you're loving staying home. It can be so nice, sometimes I consider it for a little while...
    But only like, once a month.