Saturday, March 19, 2011

Retail extravaganza

Sometimes... we get on a roll with this whole buying thing and go a little overboard. Today was the REI Member's Only Garage Sale, and Casey really wanted to go, so naturally we went along. Tim and I having really been wanting "five fingers," or shoes for barefoot running. I've never been any good at running because my feet always hurt so bad because of the high arches, so I'm hoping with these I can strengthen my feet and it will work out better. Long story short, there was a drawing to get in, and I did not get a pair at the Garage Sale... Tim did though, and besides a rip along the seam, they are in great shape and were only $34. I ended up buying a pair at full price, but I think it'll be worth it because I'm not sure I'll like them and REI has an unconditional guarantee on everything. Hence, the reason they have garage sales, to get rid of the merchandise that's been returned throughout the year. There was some sweet stuff like BOB Revolutions and Chariots and nice gear, but we ended up getting just the shoes (I had a nice North Face fleece but Tim set it down and lost it) and missed out on a lot because of the lottery thing. Also funny was that we set down our Boba carrier and an REI employee took it back and put it on the racks to be sold.

After REI, Ikea was having another "Eat for Free" day so we hit that up next. After spending $87 on lunch for five adults and two kids, we spent $107 on random stuff for us, the Lees, and Melissa's mom (who was with us today) and so it came out to be a pretty good deal. Now, normally we would never spend so much on the food, but we got the works with drinks and desserts and Gogurts and chocolate milk for the kids, and everyone had a nice time. It wasn't quite as cool as last time because we were all kind of tired and the kids were getting cranky at all the shopping, but it was still cool. And we came home with:

Ever since Theodore played with Sarah's at game night, I've been thinking of getting one. He LOVES drawing, especially with chalk so I think he will like it. We're going to wait to play with it though until we move (unless there is a desperate boring afternoon on day, but the weather is supposed to be nice all week).

And we got other random items like a night light, under bed storage, bath mat, and popsicle molds. We almost bought a dining room table and couch for our future place of residence since we won't have anything, but I've instead opted for scouting out KSL and yard sales in the coming weeks. Ikea is cheap, but used is cheaper AND better for the environment. But where are you going to find a used bath mat? Yish.

Speaking of bath mats, I can't wait to have a BATH TUB. We are moving in t-minus one week plus some days. Anyone want to come help me pack?


  1. Those shoes are so weird. Wish I could have come, I'm thinking about getting a BOB. Either that or the Phil and Ted's after I sell the Orbit.

  2. Both my husband and I have the five fingers. We love them! I love to run but recently my feet have been hurting in the arches too. Since I started barefoot running a month ago (with and without the five fingers) my arch pain has completely disappeared! You are going to love it. Plus it will make your calves incredibly toned! Just go super duper slow.