Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Saturday bliss

Today was Saturday. And it was pure summertime bliss. This morning the three of us woke up, hung out, and went to the park. Well, first we went to the bakery around the corner and indulged in yummy bread and pastries for about 50 cents. After that, the park for some time, then home for naps. Well, Amir napped. We engaged in some... extracurricular activities. Wink wink.

After the nap came pool time. The weather was beautiful (hot and sunny, as usual, but less pollution and dust), the water was refreshing, and I made friends with a posse of adolescent girls who gave me their phone numbers to hang out later. We ate a lunch of falafel and delicious Franks & Creampy (no idea why it's called that... they don't sell hot dogs) ice cream. We came home, took cool showers, Amir pooped on the bed while we were having naked time, he took another shower, then he went down for a nap. Now, we're sitting under ceiling fans reading Emerson and Hugo (I'm zooming through Les Mis, I will one day post my thoughts thusfar, it's one of the most thought-provoking novels I've read). This evening will consist of vegetable shopping at the street market, peanut stew, and Tim hanging out with some Arab men after Amir and I go to sleep.

And if today was relaxing bliss, yesterday was crazy adventure. More to come on our lovely weekend.

Could life be any better? Today, I reflect on the grace of God, the circumstances in my life that have brought me to this point. Karma has been kind.

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