Sunday, May 9, 2010

105 degrees

Today it's 105 degrees. At the moment we are enjoying our A/C and hanging out inside, but I imagine after Amir has a decent nap we will venture out to the pool. The pool is amazing, so I plan on taking advantage of it. Especially since we are paying $400* for it this summer. We paid for membership to this club, but everything costs extra except the pool and the playground. It is lame. It's fun to watch everything though, we walked around last night and there was soccer, handball, croquet, and all sorts of other random sports being played outside.

This weekend I came down with another crappy case of mastitis. Luckily, I brought antibiotics with me, so when the fever and chills started late on Thursday night I took them right away and I've been feeling better since. I insisted on going to Church on Friday (Friday is our Sabbath... weird, huh?) and I am glad I did. Although I felt pretty horrible the whole time, I NEEDED Church at that moment in my life. The other moms were really welcoming, and this week I'm going to a cooking class and a playgroup so I won't be stuck inside like the past few days. Someone in the ward invited us over to dinner and it was delicious! Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches and BREYER'S ICE CREAM. Amazing. They are with the embassy which equals commissary privileges. Also, their apartment was huge and beautiful. Embassy standard. I'm starting to think Tim in the foreign service wouldn't be all that bad. Tim decided after dinner that since their kids drink the water, he would do it too. So far, so good. I'm not brave enough/well enough to try this yet, but I'm kind of sick of buying bottled water. It's expensive and a pain to get home from the grocery store because we have to get a taxi (which isn't so bad, taxis here are ridiculously cheap, about the equivalent of a dollar or two to get anywhere in Maadi). Grocery stores do home delivery too, and it's about two dollars. This all seems very cheap, but when you're on our budget, and when it's in pounds, it seems like so much more than that. Because ten pounds could buy us ten delicious falafel sandwiches.

* We are actually paying $610 dollars for it. BYU took that much money from us, but it turns out the married membership is only $400, but we weren't allowed to keep the extra money. OUR extra money. I was pretty annoyed by this, but "it's how the budget works." Psht.

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  1. BYU ripped you off $210 dollars? That's pretty rude. It's cool that the taxis are so cheap; too bad they don't have seatbelts. It's worth it to pay for grocery delivery... do they deliver bottled water?