Thursday, May 27, 2010

In which I love my child's name

I think my child needs to attend this preschool (featured in the picture; also read the article, it's interesting). I think he'd fit right in if his classmates had names like Beulah Ellison-Tayor.

I'm currently toying with the possibility of having grandchildren with the last name Ellison-Tayor-Carroll-Browning.

For those who thought his name was weird: we have total hippie street cred with a baby name like that. We'd fit right in with the raw-foods-eating-cloth-diapering-nature-preschooling Seattle crowd. Our kind of crowd.


  1. Ha! I live in Seattle and it's totally true, but I love it. Going back to visit Utah in March drove me bonkers! People eat a lot of meat and create a lot of trash there. :)

    (Lindsey Hulet, former WomanStaster)

  2. You would fit in, in Seattle! Come on up and you can stay with us while you check it out!

  3. We miss Seattle. You'd definitely be a great PNW family. Although you can find hypenated, granolie kids in any city these days. But more on the West coast.