Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Atticus is hitting so many milestones all at once, and I feel like if I don't document this somewhere it will be lost in the abyss of time.

Atticus loves to talk. I was worried when he wasn't making consonant sounds at six months like all the other babies, but he has recently discovered how to babble. He doesn't do it very often, but you can tell he enjoys it. His favorite babble sound is "dadadada" which he does when Tim is gone, so I'm pretty positive he's asking "where's dadadadada?" He also says something that resembles "I liiiii ta" which we think means "I like it" whenever we give him chocolate or ice cream.

The other day I turned my head for a minute and Atticus had pulled himself up alone, which he hadn't been doing too much, and when he did it took him a long time. Now he's doing it all over the place, which is worrisome considering our apartment isn't exactly baby-proof (think very sharp metal edges, glass tables) and so now I have to be on guard all the time. He also is rocking back and forth a lot, and still scooting around on his tummy, but I think soon he'll be crawling more. He can go from sitting to a crawling position, but doesn't do that too often. He stood unassisted today on the bed for about 4 seconds! Way to go, Atticus.

Another milestone hit last night: his first time throwing up. Not spitting up... like legit puking his guts out all over me and the bed. It was disgusting, and luckily only happened once (I still had him sleep on a towel all night just in case). It was unexplained, but I think it might have been correlated with swallowing pool water earlier that evening. Or maybe the street food we fed him. Or maybe the whole thing of yogurt? I have no idea. I just am praying it doesn't happen again, and he doesn't get really sick next time.

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