Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amir at the shop

By Tim

As part of my daily schedule of homework I am required to speak with a native Egyptian for 2 hours a day. This has proved somewhat challenging for me, because speaking for that long in a language I don't really speak is hard and I'm a little too shy to make it easy to find people to talk to randomly every day for 2 hours. The other day though I struck what I see as gold when a shopkeep named Hamdi invited me to sit by him in his shop. I volunteered to help and soon he had me (trying to) sell all the various items in his store, which meant mostly cigarettes and Kleenex.  I went back tonight with Amir and he was a hit. He stayed out very late with me and ate crackers and drank juice the man from the store gave him. A somewhat typical and somewhat extraordinary Egyptian experience.

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