Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week of January 20

Sunday: Sick kids. I went to UU church in the morning, but most of the rest of the day was devoted to dealing with sick kids.

Monday: More sick kids. Everyone was sick of being home all day, but there was no where to go because everyone was sick and it was cold outside.

Tuesday: We went to the doctor today to try to figure things out, but they had nothing they could do for us.

Wednesday: The last really sick day. I went out in the afternoon to go to the dentist and the library. What would have been pretty easy with a car, was quite an adventure on the bus. Although, it was very snowy and that would have made driving a pain. After I got back, Cait went to teach yoga to the young women in the ward, and even though only one showed up, she really enjoyed it. We'll see if it inspires a different career course.

Thursday: Atticus was finally better and went to school, which was certainly a blessing. At night, we had a lecture night at our house, which is something that some people in our ward started a while back. I lectured on Twilight and how it reflects and complicates Mormon themes and how it is hard to really judge whether a book is good or not with some Jungian theory thrown in. It was nice.

Friday: A relaxed day at home before a well-attended pizza night. Thanks for coming everyone!

Saturday: Chores in the morning with a birthday party in the afternoon for Atticus's friend Felix. It was Angry Bird themed, which Atticus loved. It was also put on by Felix's Finnish mom, which apparently means filled with sugary sweets, which I loved. Also, we got a new niece! Congratulations Hillary and Devin. We also had a nice night babysitting a lovely little girl named Lilly. If only our kids could be that chill once in a while.

Lincoln Log house made by Guy and Mom

Beginning to figure out utensils

Talking to Grandma Betsey


  1. I want Cait to teach me yoga!

    We've had sick kids here the past few weeks. It's annoying when you take them to the doctor and they don't do anything helpful. I guess it's worth it to rule out anything serious.
    It's really hard to be home with sick kids for days on end when you can't at least go outside for a bit. I hate winter.

  2. Sick kids and cold cold weather here too! Jon hasn't been to church in three weeks because he has been staying home with various sick children. We wish we could come to your lecture group, they have a discussion group in our ward...well there are some members of our ward in a discussion group and it is called " outstitute"...instead of institute.....