Monday, January 14, 2013

Boogs at 10 Months

Tallulah is definitely working her personality. Combine that with some teething and an extended cold that was an ear infection, and you've got a month of a lot of different aspects of Boogs.

At 10 months Tallulah likes:

Following anyone into the bathroom, but especially Mom
Wrestling on the bed with dad and brother
Walking around with the assistance of a little push walker
Reading her own book
Whatever her brother is doing
Being outside
Doing the "pffft" thing with her tongue
Pulling pictures off the wall that mom taped up

She doesn't like:
Being left out
Not being able to reach
Being hungry

I'm blonde too! Let me play!
The rare binky shot. I think her record for keeping it in is 5 seconds.

Give me a break mom, I stand all the time.


She's becoming a little more selective with these big smiles, but they still get me every time.

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