Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to school

Although it feels like it has been a really lame Christmas break because we haven't traveled beyond two miles from our home in a few months, life is really quite lovely here in our little corner of the world. Though the kids have been sick a lot, we've gotten into quite a nice groove. Now, if we could get past teething and sleep deprivation... that would be another story. Poor Tallulah has FOUR top teeth on the verge of breaking through, and have been that way for weeks. She is grumpy, and it makes me grumpy. Atticus had a nasty case of the flu, and so we spent a whole weekend cooped up and I realized how much we rely on these weekly rituals... UU church, Mormon church, pizza night, preschool.

I started back to school last week. I've missed being in the classroom, and it feels good to start afresh, though I've felt a bit unorganized and need to crack down on my Facebook time/blogging time (oops)/general not doing schoolwork time. I spent the break reading feminist multicultural romance novels and listening to FMH podcasts, but was able to get in some readings for classes as well, but there is still a lot to do this semester. I think I calculated I'll be writing 150 pages of papers (one 40-50 page one, two 20 page ones and several shorter reaction papers). That's a lot of writing. Add to that two hours a day of language study + 600 pages of reading a week + grant apps for the summer that I should have turned in already = one busy mama student. If I can get in my groove I won't spend much longer than 6 hours a day during the week and almost no time on the weekends, but finding that groove can be hard. Luckily, much of my reading can be done on the iPad while nursing Tallulah at night (which we're doing a lot of lately...) so I get a lot done then. But alas, the work is seemingly never-ending sometimes.

Here is some photographic evidences of life:

Russian pirozhkis in the making (Atticus took this one)

He is getting so good at writing! (he wrote all of To, From, and Atticu by himself... I helped the Felix and the S). Atticus took this picture too.

In a stroller that we bought and then sold.

Baby loves her outside time!

We go to the chiropractor a lot lately (it's helped our kids sickness quite a bit actually)


  1. 1. Need the piroshky recipe.
    2. Love the chiropractor.
    3. HOLY COW he can write really well! What have you been doing? I apparently need to work with Ben more.

  2. tell me more about feminist multi-cultural romance novels. I was thinking about this the other day, and how it seems to be hard to find such books.