Monday, January 21, 2013


Sometimes I get a little sad about Tallulah's name. I always thought she'd be Clementine, and I still love that name so much. But I've resigned myself to the fact she is not Clementine, and there will probably never be a Clementine, and Tallulah is just my Tallulah and always was and always will be.

Sometimes I listen to other people when they tell me my kids have weird names and why couldn't I have just named them something normal?

But then I remember that my kids' have freakishly awesome, kind of unique names. And when I see awesome companies with those names, I get really excited. It's even better that most of them are sustainable, local, ethical brands.

Like the Atticus clothing company,

or Tallulah Cosmetics.

Maybe one day we'll eat at Tallulah on Thames or peruse books at Atticus Bookstore or camp in Tallulah Gorge State Park. And my kids will be glad they have such cool, special names.

(and maybe we'll even have a Clementine one day, because she's got some pretty awesome stuff too: art supplies, bakery, consignment shop).


  1. I think Atticus and tallulah are normal names. I have met/ heard Kim's calling several kids named Atticus and the name tallulah is in so many kids books! Like one time we somehow checked out two books about a tallulah without even noticing.

  2. But I do really really love clementine. And saffron! Remember when you were thinking about that! I still love it, maybe someday we will have named saffron.

    1. I also love Atticus and tallulah's names as well. I am commenting too much.

  3. That's funny because I wish my kids' names were more unique, or at least more classic (i.e. will not ultimately become dated)... if I could rename them right now, they would be Caroline or Olivia nn Liney or Ollie, George, Benjamin (because that kid is just a Benny), and Henry nn Hank.

  4. ps You could always call her Fern. :)