Thursday, January 3, 2013

German New Year's Brunch

Living in Eagle Heights means most of your neighbors (and friends) aren't American. Across from our apartment is two guys from Pakistan, and we have a Chinese couple living below us. Our building and the ones sharing our playground have families from Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Bangladesh, India, South Korea... etc. We've made some really, really great friends and we have yet to talk about them on our blog! Mostly because taking pictures is kind of awkward in social situations, and I usually forget to take the camera. 

But, alas! We hung out at our friends, Nina and Juwe's apartment on New Year's Day for traditional German brunch -- actually not sure how traditional it is, but it was made by Germans, so there you go! Ida and Patrick (who lives in Sweden but are Finnish and German) joined us with their two sons. 

The food was delicious, and the company was splendid. The kids finally consistently play well together (Atticus and Felix had a rough time for  the first couple of times we hung out, mostly because Atticus is very sensitive and Felix did not know how to interact with him). But now they run away to the back bedroom and we hear nary a peep for the whole five hours we are together. It's so awesome. It also helps that the parents get along so well. I think Tim and I are meant to be Europeans.

The stroller got stuck halfway up our hill and we had to take the kids out and carry them the rest of the way. 


Atticus and Felix.

Sweet boy Justus.

Tallulah, displaying her snotty nose + bonked forehead.

Atticus and Juna are only a few months apart in age, but she is at least a foot taller. Girl is tall!

I LOVE the path behind our apartment. It's not long, but it's the perfect little jaunt in the woods. 

She loooooves being outside in the snow.

Home again, home again.


  1. the food looks soooo good! also, atticus' boots kill me...too cute!

    1. BOGS! My sister turned me on to them and they are the BEST for snow boots (even though if he isn't wearing wool socks he complains that "his toes are freezing!" but they are supposedly rated to -20 or something).

  2. So many blonde babies! Cute pic of them all on Tim's lap.

    Also, T looks adorbes in her pea snow suit.

    1. Isn't it so cute?! I was eyeing it at REI for months, and then their Black Friday sale had it 50% off so I bought it right away. I wish I bought it in several sizes and colors. It is SO warm -- she only wears a long-sleeved t-shirt, pants, and socks underneath and she is toasty even when we are out for a long time.

  3. It's funny you said you think you and Tim are meant to be Europeans. I think that pretty often when I read your blog.