Thursday, February 2, 2012

What we did yesterday

 Yep, I'm bringing this back. Mainly because I like this new blogging app and also because it was an interesting day, sort of.

Cait had a rare morning of work so Theo stayed with our friends the Lees while I went to classes. In exchange we watched their child while Melissa worked on packing for their ongoing transition to a new home. Their daughter is pretty rambunctious, but makes a really good playmate for Theo, who is always anxious for some social interaction. Cait came home and we all went back to the WIC clinic where she worked and I took Theo in for an appointment. Because we had lended the keys to Cait's brother for an eye appointment and didn't think to take off a bike lock key or house key and had left the other set of keys with the Lees, Theo and I were stuck there until keys came, which was just about the time Cait finished teaching her infant massage class. We went out for dinner at Los Hermanos with Cait's brother Ethan, who now knows that he really needs glasses. Theo was predictably unruly at the restaurant and we were reminded why we don't take him out to eat without the iPad, or ever.


  1. So glad you are blogging again. Also, it's nice to know Eliza isn't the only toddler who can't eat (or do anything really in public) without playing games on an iPhone. And sadly, that doesn't even work all the time.

  2. "or ever"... yep, that's how often we take our kids (i.e. Ben) out to eat! ;)

  3. If we couldn't play Barney on our Iphone for Bella... we'd never go anywhere either. I know it's sad and lame because generations before did it... but I'm weak. And we cant.