Thursday, February 16, 2012

Urban exploration

By Tim

When Cait is at work, much of the time Atticus and I have together is spent wandering around our neighborhood doing what I like to call Urban Exploration. We end up on people's porches, in unused parking lots and exploring a lot of peoples lawns. The other Saturday when the weather was really nice we were out for over 5 hours, getting some food from the local Mexican restaurant. Near the end of the trip Atticus started playing with a family with 6 or 7 kids in a little used parking lot behind a restaurant where the family was eating. Turns out the dad owns the startup company Orabrush whose videos I'd seen online.

Anyway, here's some videos of our latest urban exploraion. They're pretty shaky because it is just our little camera and I was interacting while filming.

Here's him pushing a stroller. He's been doing this since he could walk, but this may be the only time on film


This video features Atticus counting as well as leaving down a strange back way


Here's him getting hurt by a tree. He loves play getting hurt


And here he is doing his newest trick, kind-of riding a trike.


Then he ended at Annabelle's house (whose family has now moved, unfortunately) watching UP


And then they strolled back to our house together. I think this is definitelty my most succesful instagram pic so far



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