Monday, February 6, 2012

Our lovely fire place

By: Tim

This post came pretty quick after Cait's great post about Independence, so be sure to scroll down and read that.

 One of the things we most love about this house is our fireplace. It was one of the main selling points for us renting here, along with the backyard (this place was noticeably more expensive than any of the other places we've lived).

 While at first we used our fireplace on a few occasions to set a wintry mood, we have since shifted to using our fireplace as a primary source of heat. When before we were paying for wood from the local Smith's we've since found a lot of wood lying around our neighborhood and have been using that to run the fireplace. It doesn't burn as well as storebought wood, but it has been all free. With the wood that we've found and other renters of the house have left here, we've been able to do at least one fire a day for a few hours and often multiple fires in the morning and evening. Since we started doing this at the beginning of January we were able to cut our gas bill in half. It is also satisfying to go from this

To this

To this

 only using my own strength and a hacksaw

 It's like living in Little House on the Prairie, especially since at the moment this photo was taken Cait was inside making bread (she stopped quick to take the photo) and Theo was out back playing in a pile of sand (we sold the sandbox)


The last few days:

Church basketball on Thursday night (we lost by 2 points and I sprained a pinky). The final move of the Lees to a new apartment in Orem from Thrusday to Sunday (they had a lot of stuff to move). Working on an Engl 376 paper all weekend. Delicious homemade soup and bread on Saturday, and Chicken and Mashed potatoes on Sunday. And in a random coincidence (we think) our home teacher came over for the first time on Sunday and his wife, not knowing he was our home teacher, asked after church if she could do a photo shoot with us to help build up her portfolio, which we will do on Wednesday. It should be awesome.

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