Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life as of late: Tim's perspective

 Just wanted to write a quick update post on my life while I still am getting used to the new blogging app. Life remains very usual but very exciting. It's weird that so much of my life is the same as its been for the last 2 years or so, basically a balance between my school, Cait's work and the raising of our child. But now we have all the new life events just down the road to add so much spice. First of all, of course, is the new baby coming in a few months (sooner rather than later insha'Allah). Already having a baby, it's doesn't seem as quite a momentous future event as Theo did when he was getting ready to come, but it still is definitely a momentous future event. Also, I am graduating in April. I am probably not done with school forever, but it has seemed like this day would never come and my career at BYU would continue indefinitely. It wont.

And in related news, Cait is going back to school. She has got an acceptance letter for the University of Wisconsin. 

 For those of you who didn't know, Cait decided to get her PhD in political science and applied to schools a few months back. Although we are still waiting to hear back from other schools (Michigan, Rutgers, Yale and Illinois-Champagna) and we don't know what kind of stipend she is going to get it already feels like we have already accepted Wisconsin. She did get a full scholarship, health insurance and some kind of stipend, which was the kind of deal we were hoping for. They also have a really good library science masters degree, which is the degree I am looking at getting. They also have some really cool Arabic classes and participate in a federal (I think) grant program where they will pay you $15,000 a year to study one of the languages the government wants people to speak, which includes Arabic (of course). I might also be interested in studying some other Middle Eastern languages like Persian or Turkish.

My classes this semester are all of a high quality, including British Lit 1900-1950, Women's Lit, a GE political science class and a Middle Eastern anthropology class. I am enjoying them all except the anthro class, which is fine, but rather dull. The professor doesn't seem to interested (would rather be in Petra) and he presents the material rather blandly (and I've had similar stuff before enough to know that it can be fascinating). The other classes are all good and not to heavy on the work load (except for reading, which I don't mind at all). Speaking of which, I probably should start working on some papers.


  1. I wonder if the scholarship you mention is a FLAS. That scholarship is beautiful. Jeremy did it for two years during his PhD, for Turkish.

    Congratulations to Cait!!! So exciting.

  2. That's great! Congrats, Caitlin. I'm still holding out for Michigan though. ;) And if it is the FLAS, that really is a great program. Patrick just applied for it in Chinese.