Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Names

My mother-in-law posted weird baby names on her Facebook the other day, and made the comment that Tim and I should not read it so we don't get any crazy ideas. Not sure what she thinks are crazy, but it prompted me to think about names we are considering, and then I thought I would share them with our blog readers. I already suspect whatever we pick she won't approve of, as she's voiced her disapproval of Theodore's real name (but whatevs because I love his first name more than anything still and don't regret our choice one bit).

Here are some names of the feminine type that I love. I only wish I was having quadruplet girls or something so I could use them all:

1. Clementine: Means "merciful" in Latin. I first heard this name from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and everyone knows I am only just a little bit obsessed with Kate Winslet ever since her "Titanic" stardom. Hot redhead who is an amazing actor, British, and has a full figure that she is comfortable displaying nude on the big screen... yes please. I still really, really love this name but we are not 100% sold yet, because apparently it is becoming one of the top Hipster baby names of the year. I also don't like the imbalance of having another child with the same beginning initial as me.

2. Matilda: "battle-mighty". Roald Dahl's heroine has always appealed to me. Another name that is increasing in popularity, however.

3. Arwen: Yes, it's a name from Lord of the Rings, but how awesome is the Elfin Queen? I don't know, I haven't read the trilogy, but I've heard she rocks. Maybe I should read Lord of the Rings before the birth and that will help me decide.

4. Caspian: Tim's name of choice. I suggested it for a boy but Tim was sold on it for a girl. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think it is too masculine for a girl though.

5. Saffron: Because "Saffy" is just so darn cute. I think it goes well with our firstborn's name, but it doesn't have any kind of cool meaning or character behind it, which is a downer. We could combine it with a great middle name though.

6. Rilo: I've always been a huge Jenny Lewis fan (another hot talented redhead) and I've been singing Rilo Kiley songs to Theodore all week thinking about this one. I think it may be in the running as a middle name...

7. Fern: Gorgeous, simple but maybe too short considering our firstborn's name. I really like it as a middle name.

Choosing a baby name is a daunting task, and we probably haven't devoted enough attention. And Tim is fairly indifferent, which means a lot of the naming responsibility rests solely on my able shoulders. He tells me names he really doesn't like, but he likes most everything i suggest, and is pretty convinced whatever we name her won't matter too much in the long run.



  1. So, first of all, I want to say that that it is slightly CREEPY how much I of a love I have with many of the names you love. For instance, Nathan calls me Clem (short for Clementine). I love that movie. I love Kate Winslet in that movie. I love, love that name.

    Matilda is the best Roald Dahl book ever written. Nathan and I both decided that name was on our short list when we thought we could be having two girls.

    Fern! I LOVE IT. Nathan's grandmother is named Fern and she actually begged us (and offered to pay us) not to use it for Eliza's middle name because she thought it was "old-fashioned."

    And I love Arwen!! I told Nathan I wanted to name a baby Eowyn, but I don't know if people could really appreciate its beauty. LOTR names are the best.

    So yes, after this essay, I hope you know that i LOVE these names!!

    Caspian, Saffron, and Rilo are obviously amazing as well.

  2. After reading through your post, I thought I might have some that were more favorite than others, and then I was wrong. I feel the same way as Cecilia. Love them all.

    Though I have to say, I am partial to Caspian, only because it seems masculine, but I think it could totally rock as a girl's name. Probably because my name seems like that. And while I was frustrated with my name for awhile as a child, I actually really love it now. It makes me feel unique, and I feel like it also empowers me to be an equal with the men (does that make sense?). Not that a feminine name couldn't do that, but it really does encourage me, in a way.

    Also totally loving Saffron. I think there could totally be some deeper meaning to it.

  3. I'm partial to Clementine and Matilda, three syllables that go well with Theo. Fern is lovely but kind of mismatched. Saffron invokes the yellow spice, and Caspian the prince. Rilo a made-up combo of Riley and Milo. Not a fan of those three. Still thinking about Arwen. I think it could grow on me, like Arden did. Logan would have been Arden if he would have been a girl.

    You should start reading this blog regularly:

    Some that pop out for me: Tallulah (Tally), Susannah (Zuzu), Linnea, Winifred (Winnie)

  4. I like all of these names (except maybe Rilo, for the same reasons Lauren mentioned). I love Saffron and Fern especially. Fern doesn't seem to fit at first but it goes with your son's name in a certain literary way that is pretty neat (Charlotte's Web).

  5. I wouldn't say Caspian was my name of choice as much as my one feeble attempt to contribute. It's true that I don't understand the drama over naming. In my view the kids make the name, not the other way around. But I am willing to let others find joy in indecision.

  6. There is a rilo jane in our neighborhood! I really like that name. But if she has red hair you have to name her just do.

  7. I am seriously partial to Clementine (Eternal Sunshine!). Who cares if it's hipstery? And Matilda is one of my faaavorite stories, so I'll cast a vote for that one as well.

    As much as I love LotR names I always think they're weird when applied in real life.

    Caspian is weird for a boy. Sorry Tim. And I'm neutral on the others. I think they're good middle names.

    I think Matilda Fern goes wonderfully together.

  8. How bout Gwen Stefani. Baby Mama? Anyone?

  9. I LOVE Clementine but yes it is getting more popular (I heard it first from

    I LOVE Fern! LOVE! It's just so beautiful and simple and still unique and pretty!

    Caspian does sound a little masculine to me. I think it's from Prince Caspian in the Narnia books. Isn't that his name?

    I always thought the Matilda movie was creepy... but the name is pretty! :)

    The name will be beautiful no matter what! I just say to heck with it about what other people think! So doesn't matter!

  10. Don't worry about rising popularity or trends, if she's meant to be a clementine, then she'll be a clementine :)