Friday, October 22, 2010

Good fortune

Tim and I have been having incredibly good financial fortune lately. I'm not sure what we're doing right, but I feel so blessed recently.

One is for: someone sold us a gently used BOB stroller for ONE hundred dollars (versus the price of $350 new). And they drove down from Lehi to bring it to us. Probably the best KSL transaction ever. I wish I could leave a review.

Two is for: Amazon replacing our broken Kindle in TWO days.

Three is for: After THREE weeks of waiting for our white noise machine to be replaced, I finally called and emailed the customer service to learn that it was never received. Even though I didn't have any insurance or verification that I sent it, Homedics is sending us a new one for free just because I sent an email.

Four is for: I just won FOUR boxes of toaster strudels in an instant win game.

Five is for: Allison's car broke down, so my parents are buying US a new one. We are finally getting my long-wanted Subaru Outback... our budget is FIVE thousand dollars.

Six is for: Even though we neglected to pay an overdue and forgotten credit card balance for SIX weeks while we were in Egypt, USAA forgave us of the $15 fee.

Seven is for: The SEVEN pounds of winter clothing that my cousin Shay sent us from Washington. Plus the wood train set, Yoda Halloween costume, and awesome ball pit that takes up our entire living room (and Theodore LOVES it).

(and let's not forget the constant stream of hand-me-downs we've been receiving from my sister Lauren)

I really do have a firm belief that managing your finances and being deliberate with your spending will lead to a more balanced life. Working with individuals who are in serious debt has made me realize I never, ever want to get into debt that we can't get out of. It stresses me out just to talk to them. The LDS church teaches frequently about provident living: staying out of debt, maintaining an adequate food storage for emergencies, gardening, frugal living. I plan to always strive to live by these principles. We may be wearing hand-me-downs/clothes that don't fit our skinny bodies and not have a TV, we may not have been out to eat or to a movie in forever, we may live in a tiny basement apartment without a bathtub or dishwasher... but we certainly are living providently. And this has lead to incredibly great fortune.

I know this was cheesy. But I felt like being creative today. Ok.


  1. I totally agree with your philosophy. We've been working our tail-ends to get out of debt for the last 7 months and have paid off more than half of our yearly income. Since we've been so devoted to living within our means we were able to maintain a pretty decent lifestyle even AFTER I took a $15K pay cut. We feel very blessed as well.

  2. oh yay, I'm glad he likes it.
    sweet deal on the BOB. I'm a little jealous even though I don't have a frequent stroller rider.

    You could WIN a dinner out if you post my adoption button on your blog. And you can WIN dessert if you blog/tweet/fb post about the give away...
    just saying....