Sunday, December 6, 2009

Woman gives birth on flight to SLC

This was almost me.


  1. I like how everyone else was quoted but the mama or daddy. I wonder if they didn't want to be quoted because they were "giving the baby up for adoption?"
    p.s. How far along in pregnancy can a woman be while flying aboard an airplane?

  2. When I heard this story I did think of you Cait. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday and I am glad my son is treating you like a queen.

  3. You wish.

    What is up with the adoption part? Husband and two other children? Just doesn't jive.

  4. Agree with you Lauren. It was kind of odd. Delta has no restrictions, but most airlines put a cap at 36 weeks. I was 38 when I flew home... 3 cm dilated!