Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three months old

At three months,

Atticus likes:

Breast milk sampling
Sleeping in with mom

When Gordon comes to visit
Reading (especially That's not my Lion... thanks Coralie!)

The Bumbo Seat

Being helped to sleep promptly and not when he is fussy

The Matrix and other exciting movies

The flips

Long walks
Diaper changes
Feminist rallies

The mornings
When Annabelle is nice to him

He doesn't like:

The stroller
Being at home all day
The sleepies
The evenings
Annabelle smacking him with a hanger

He continues to amaze us with his laid-back and happy demeanor. He gets cuter and more expressive every day and we are putty in his hands when he smiles at us. He can do more fun tricks, and we are eager to see him learn more (like changing his own diaper.... we're teaching him that one soon).


  1. You know who else coughs and then sneezes?


  2. i love his backflip! that is so cute.

  3. I'm glad he loves his book :)

    And his little sneeze is so cute!

    P.S. - Let me know how the learning how to change his own diaper thing works out. I could use that with this next baby... haha.

  4. oh my goodness. did you put his hands in his little pocket in that last picture? so cute.