Sunday, December 6, 2009

The best of birthdays

Yesterday was the best birthday of my life, no contest. I mean, I'm sure I loved my slumber parties of yesteryear, but yesterday was great in that I got to take a step back and look at my life and how happy it makes me.

First, on birthday eve, Tim gave me a foot rub and we watched The Matrix. I LOVE THE MATRIX. I thought about it all night long. Man. It was good.

On birthday morning, we watched The Matrix 2 and got ready for the day. My wonderful sister came to babysit while Tim took me to Salt Lake for a birthday surprise. He took me to the Nutcracker at the Capitol Theater. I forgot how beautiful that theater is! I'd never seen Ballet West perform, but they were so talented and it was a delightful show. I love going to dance performances, but I haven't been to a ballet since the last Nutcracker (I've stuck to the modern dance shows, which are amazing at BYU). Anyways, it was beautiful and so nice to relax and be together as a couple. Tim always knows how to make me happy.

On the way home, Tim started acting weird. He never texts and drives, but he was doing it. And refusing to tell me who he was talking to. So... I kind of figured something was up. But a surprise birthday party!! I've always, always wanted a surprise party and no one has ever thrown me one. It was so cool! I felt so loved. I felt like so many of those I know and love were at my party. I had so much fun with everyone, and I hope they felt the same. It was happening! I realized at my party that I have so many interesting and diverse friends, and they are all really fun to be around and kind and open-minded and welcoming. It was great.

Oh, and Smith's totally had an incredible sale for my birthday. We stocked up on cereal, Kashi crackers, and pasta.

AND: I got a great haircut on Thursday morning. FOR FREE. Thanks for the Starving Student card, Dad!

Birthday #23: Success! I was sad for it to end.
Presents: Shoes and shoes and carbon offsets. Tim got me some awesome Simple Mary Janes and Melissa made me these AMAZING sweater sock/shoes out of a recycled wool sweater and crocheted TWINE. How cool is that?! And our favorite godfather Gordon, he bought me CARBON OFFSETS. I know there are a few other things coming, including some moolah from my mommy and daddy to buy myself some goodies.


  1. Happy birthday my friend! Sad I couldn't be there for your surprise party, I LOVE surprise parties! I would have baked for you. But it sounds like your day was awesome!

  2. Kyle and I saw that last year at the Capitol Theater. It really is good!

  3. Hey Cait!!! You and I have the SAME BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy birthday friend! I'm glad it was a wonderful day!

  4. Yay! I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. Wish I could have been at your surprise party. You two look smokin' hot all dressed up.

  5. I was thinking ahead to your birthday when I bought the Starving Student Card!!

  6. the starving student card was from Dad. Mom doesn't get credit. Somehow she's logged in even though she's in Columbia and I'm in Dover. What's up with that??