Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I got an email from saying I shouldn't let my baby watch TV.

But he just loves it so much!

Here he is, watching BYU's Folk Dance Ensemble:


  1. alice loves tv too! it is good for tummy time inspiration. i think the only reason they say that is because so many people let the tv be the babysitter. we hardly ever watch tv and so i am sure that is how she will end up too.

  2. TV has always been my best friend! I have been very careful and selective of what and when my children watch it, but they have learned so many educational things from it. The best benefit has been, though, that when I have to get something done, I know I can turn on their favorite show and not have to worry for a short period of time what they are getting into.

  3. He was so focused on that!! TV is a mom`s friend. Aidan always has loved TV, and as long as it is age appropriate and they aren`t overexposed, I see no problem with it. Sometimes the only time I can do the dishes or fold a load of clothes without Aidan unfolding them is when he is distracted by the Wonder Pets.