Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jan 27-Feb 2

Monday and Tuesday: These were the depth of the polar vortex days. It seemed like things were colder on Monday, but they cancelled school on Tuesday. Cait still went to her chiropractor in the morning on Monday and Atticus still went to school. I was supposed to have a meeting at Christ Presbyterian Church that was a open house/training for the Road Home/IHN shelter program, for which I coordinate volunteers from FUS. But it was postponed due to the cold weather.

Wednesday: We had a birthday party for our friend Lilas put on by her dear mother Laura, who was Atticus's preschool teacher at UHP.

This game was definitely Atticus's favorite.

Thursday and Friday and Saturday: A lot of sickness in the family. We cancelled Pizza Night on Friday night, Atticus got to go to a kid's night out at the community center on Friday night. The rest of the time was spent lounging in the house.

Sunday: We all went to church. Atticus had a great time helping me teaching the youth (CRE) class.

Homemade finger paints in bath

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