Monday, February 17, 2014

February 10-16

In big weekly news, Lulah has been making huge strides in both potty training as well as sleeping through the night. She's such a sweet girl, and she has made these long awaited transitions smoothly. Atticus is still adjusting to his new, longer school schedule, I can't stop thinking about my lovely upcoming weekend in Austin and Cait tries to not let her jealousy bring her to violence.

Monday: Our big errand day in the snow. Tallulah and I picked up Atticus from school, rode to the doctor, where they both got some immunizations, stopped at the bookmobile, and rode to Whole Foods to play in their play area and pick up some groceries. Ever since we learned that whole foods gives people on bike $5 off of a $30 bill, we have been shopping there more and more. Because we rarely go above $50 on one bike trip, it's basically 10% off everything. We've realized that while there are cheaper options on groceries in other stores, we usually tended towards the whole food type choices. Anyway, that is why we end up shopping at Whole Foods. Stop judging our pretentious food choices.

Resting after the big ride
Tuesday: Cait had a breakfast with some muckety-muck. I'm sure it was great. I probably forgot to ask, being the disinterested homemaker type.

Lulah likes drawing circles on the iPad. I criticized Cait for taking a picture of the iPad with the iPhone, but, she was right, this is nicer than a screenshot

Atticus and I played snow baseball as the sun faded

I'm not sure if this is officially Atticus's bike or not, but it is officially stuck for at least another month

Wednesday: I took Tallulah with me to an "assessment" to see if we qualified to be in a research study on compassionate parenting. Boy do I need some of that. I was really trying not to get my hopes up, because we had a 50/50 chance of being in the control group, that didn't get to participate, but we found out later that night that we got in. I remember being too exhausted, for whatever reason, when I read that we got in, to be excited, but now I am. Maybe I'll start a blog series on it.

Thursday: I put into motion my top-secret valentine's day plan. Not really. I stayed inside and worked on grad applications while it snowed like crazy outside. I also went on a run for the first time in too long.

Friday: Cait went with Lulah to her valentine's day party at school. Another run while Cait went to Costco. Final Sherlock episode+extra long back rub for Cait with essential oils=?

Atticus was more enthusiastic for the party than Lulah

Saturday: A great morning run out on picnic point in the snow. FUS (I have to stop myself from typing "candy land church" which is what we call it around here because Atticus played his first game of Candy Land there, I feel bad when we offer Atticus the choice of whether to go to "Candy Land church" or "Mormon church" on Sundays, sorry Mormon church, I guess you should have more board games). We, especially Cait fueled by chai vanilla lattes from Costco, cleaned like mad.

From this throw-all corner:

To this lovely reading nook/Lulah bed (we [Cait] shifted a lot of bins under Atticus's bed and gave Lulah's bed a permanent home, instead of pulling it out from under Atticus's every night)

Sunday: A batman and cat woman dress up party for the kids followed by sledding in the morning. Cait made a friend from France and scheduled some language exchange playdates (Cait is learning French, the other woman is learning English). I had a too-long library committee meeting. And then we had the Krewson's over for dinner.

Two terrible photos that I got of sledding. Apparently our kids need better fitting hats.

The dynamic duo:


  1. "Muckety-muck"?! Now I want to watch Newsies.

    Also, that final Sherlock episode was awesome. Except I'm not sure how they are going to keep bringing people back from the dead.

  2. The new bedroom reorganization looks good! And the ill-fitting hat photos are awesome.