Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carroll-Brownings at a glance

23 months, Tallulah's favorites include...

Food: Lentil soup
Toy: Baby dolls of any sex, ethnicity, size or shape
Past time: Naked dancing (this girl can groooooove)
Newly-acquired skill: Potty-peeing and boobless sleeping
Artistic medium: Markers and construction paper
Thing to wear: Elmo pajamas
iPad game: Endless Alphabet
Amazon Prime TV choice: Caillou
Expression: "Mom Milk"
Book: Olivia

Four years, five months, Atticus's favorites include...

Food: Shepherd's Pie
Toy: Rocket ship
Past time: Cooking
Newly-acquired skill: Name-writing and independent sleeping
Artistic medium: Watercolors
Thing to wear: NOT overalls
iPad game: Isabella game (Preschooler Minecraft)
Amazon Prime TV choice: America's Test Kitchen
Expression: "I am SO FUSTERATED!"
Book: Losing Uncle Tim

27 years, 2 months, Cait's favorites include...

Food: Butternut squash burritos
Toy: Vibrator
Past time: Writing grant proposals
Newly-acquired skill: Menstruating
Artistic medium: Pencil and French workbook
Thing to wear: Eddie Bauer flannel-lined jeans
iPad game: DuoLingo
Amazon Prime TV choice: Sherlock
Expression: "Let's have another baby"
Currently reading: Les Miserables

28.5 years, Tim's favorites include...

Food: Chocolate chip cookies
Toy: Solar charger
Past time: Stretching his IT band
Newly-acquired skill: Speaking German
Artistic medium: OmmWriter Word Processor
Thing to wear: Betabrand biking pants
iPad game: Home Routines
Amazon Prime TV choice: Falling Skies
Expression: "Did you see [blah blah blah] on FMH?"
Currently reading: Rough Stone Rolling and The Earth Path


  1. Vibrator.... there's a mental image I didn't want.

  2. haha this made me smile/laugh! great post!