Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas 2013

We arrived in Utah about a week before Christmas as soon as I was finished with my school stuff for the semester. We had a really laid-back week, the kids mostly played with Grandma Betsey's immense stockpiles of toys, I taught myself French, and Tim read. We had a few outings to the mall and the children's museum, but mostly we just stuck around the house as going anywhere requires at least a 20-minute drive and I feel too guilty to contribute to the inversion pollution in Utah (it is SO bad).

Christmas Day arrived, and since a bout of the stomach flu had passed from Tallulah to her grandparents, the bride-to-be (Tim's sister Charity) opted to stay away from the house lest she come down with it on her wedding day. We did not think anyone would come over, and we had a relaxed present opening time (I got a cool, hand-carved wooden French rolling pin, and the kids got a few books and toys). We ate ham, mashed potatoes, Stovetop Stuffing and green beans. It was surprisingly satisfying. I guess I've been away from South Carolina holiday cookin' too long! All the siblings surprised us that evening and came to hang out (minus Charity and Spencer), we opened presents, and ate pie. It was really nice -- we get along really well with all of Tim's siblings and their partners. There are many pictures from Christmas Day itself, which we eventually get from Tim's parents...

Tim's completed puzzle!

Attempts at igloo building, with Mr. Cat.

Circle of life: Atticus was enthralled watching Mr. Cat eat a bird.

Reading with Grandma Betsey before bed.

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