Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I originally entitled this post "SADD" thinking the acronym was for Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder, but I found upon googling this stands for "Students against Destructive Decisions" which is not the topic of this post. This winter has been brutal, and accompanying it is a huge old dose of SAD for me. I'm sleepy and grumpy and want to stay in bed all day, plus the idea of giving away my kids is starting to seem more and more palatable. I have always loved our tiny apartment, but it nows feels like a prison, since going anywhere when it "feels like" -20 outside (nightly wind chills of -45!!!) and frostbite can occur in minutes is virtually impossible with two small ones and no car. Sure, I have school and get away, but even that does not seem as fun as it used to when waiting for the bus is cold, cold, cold. Why we moved to Wisconsin is now a mystery to me, and we are contemplating moving to Texas, or California. HECK, I  HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED SOUTH CAROLINA. My devotion to as little screen time as possible for the kids has gone out the window with my sanity. Because when it's below zero outside, I have decided watching TV is not detrimental. I used to be all like "ohhh, we live on a nature preserve and it's the greatest place ever" and now I'm all like "we can't even freaking go outside 90% of the year for the snow during the winter and the mosquitos from the marsh in the summer." Freezing, or eaten alive by mosquitos. We get the worst of both worlds.

Tallulah never seems to mind the cold. If only they made those full-body down suits in larger sizes.

Enjoying some outside play time on a balmy 6-degree day. 

Get back to me in May. I'll be singing Madison's praises [from Tunisia] -- 


  1. Oh my gosh, yes. To all of this.

  2. Each year we were in Michigan it got worse. It was sunny enough in the winter in Utah that I never noticed and so it came as a shock once we were in the Midwest. You guys are just getting battered this year. Hang in there...

  3. I'm never complaining about Seattle winter again. And yes, quality television is perfectly acceptable during Snowpocalypse. Heck, Megan watched a ton of Sesame Street and Dora in Southern California when I got pregnant with Gavin. There are multiple acceptable excuses.

  4. I can truly say that I know what you mean. Today has been okay so far, but on average Des Moines has been hit hard with these arctic winds and negative degree nights. It's even harder when you have to start your day at like 8 a.m. when of course the weather decides to be extra brutal (howling winds and ice covered roads). Not to mention trying to get not only yourself but your kid on time for daycare! It's also heartbreaking venturing out into this weather when Emma's been coughing her brains out. Sending positive vibes to the mid west.