Monday, January 13, 2014

Charity's wedding

Yep, we had two weddings while we were out here in Utah. My two sisters are pretty much best friends, so it seemed natural that they would get married within a week. Apparently they almost got married together, but couldn't come together on whether to have a cake or not. Or maybe that was just a joke.

The night before we went to the church where she was going to be having a reception, and helped set up. That is, unfortunately, where the majority of our photos come from.

Our one other photo that we ended up with (I am thinking there are a lot more on my mom's camera, which we really should have grabbed) is from the luncheon the next morning. After that, we played with our kids and baby listen while everyone else went to the temple. We drove to the temple just in time for a few pictures, and then we hung out at IKEA until it was time for the reception, which was also a blast.

I know, lame post. But trust, this following video pretty much makes up for it.

Congrats Charity and Spencer.


  1. Okay, I can't believe I'm just putting this together, but Charity Browning. Yes. I worked with her for a short time at Stevenson's in Provo. Weirding me out, Bro!

    Congratulations, Charity! (even if you don't remember me. :) )

    1. Now that I think of it, Atticus does look very much like Charity. Though I don't think you look very much like Charity.

  2. That video. His little laugh + "Baby Wisten" = total cuteness overload.