Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm fertile

It's true.

You people know I have all the luck, so after being period-free for five years (lactational amenorrhea ftw), I would begin menstruating again the day of my cross-country flight with my toddler. Seeing as how I've been missing out on a period for so long, and hearing from friends about how horrific postpartum periods are, I was dreading this moment (plus, I totally forgot how to insert a tampon). But it was so light, I thought it might even be implantation bleeding and I was pregnant (though I'm still not proved wrong about this, maybe I should take a pregnancy test?) However, considering the state of my libido in the two weeks previous (at first attributed to my relief to not be in school anymore), I'm guessing I'm just back to my old, regular cycling self. Complete with hormonal ebbs and flows, including the massive headaches and the teenage-like acne (the worst part for me. I am really thinking about getting pregnant again to clear up my skin, it's so awful right now).

I have been strangely excited about this new return to fertility and womanhood. It's not like pregnancy and breastfeeding are not part of womanhood, and you may think I'm crazy, but I have always found menstruating weirdly satisfying. Like a special club. Because who doesn't love to eat chocolate and sit around in sweats and whine about cramps? And I love the bit about roommates being on the same cycle and how in the book The Red Tent all the women gather together during that time of the month and share stories and secrets and rituals and are not secluded to be banished and ashamed but are set apart to be celebrated and pampered. I also love the part where I can actually think about and enjoy sex again! It's been a LONG 22 months. Just ask the ever-patient partner of mine. Now to wean that almost 2-yr-old... and maybe convince her that her bed is actually comfier than ours...


  1. Yep, you're crazy. I hate everything about menstruation. And everything else about the female reproductive cycle, totally not fair.

    And I always get my period 2mo postpartum, what's up with that?!

    That part in The Red Tent was pretty cool. I wish we could take the week off every month, that might make it worth it.

    And Yay for patient partners!

  2. I have fleeting thoughts of getting pregnant again just for the perfect skin it brings. My skin thinks I am a teenager again.

    1. I have the worst skin while pregnant! It's like PMS week all the time! You guys get all the luck.

  3. TMI in the best possible way. I feel the exact way about menstruation and think about The Red Tent every month. It's uncomfortable but it is kind of like a special club. My attitude has rubbed off on my daughter to the extent that every little twinge she feels in her abdomen or lower back convinces her it's about to start. And she is SO excited because I promised her a bar of dark chocolate when she does.

  4. So I despise periods...and I sort of enjoyed the nine years of pregnancy and breastfeeding to avoid it. That being said I recently, as in just this month started using the diva cup and now I don't hate it nearly so much. Maybe I will survive this 20+ years I have to them while not having a babies. A daunting number to be sure :)