Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Throwback: Germany weeks 2 and 3

Edit: I love how Tim started this post four months ago but never posted it. So here I (Cait) am, finishing it up and publishing it. Here's a throwback to our travels this summer, and if this doesn't make you miss summertime (and Europe... sigh) I don't know what will.

Since Cait covered up through our first 10 days or so, I will do the last 10 days or so of our 3 week adventure in Germany. It probably deserves to be split up into separate posts, but I lack the energy. I won't try to put these events onto specific days, but just highlight some of the cool things we did.

We went to a cool park in the woods behind the town's castle. There was lots of cool stuff to see, but apparently we only got pictures of the place where you could float a boat on an artificial, yet very organic, lake. Atticus loved this part.

The legos also came out this week and provided near endless entertainment, but also served as an occasional point of conflict.

Lulah reading some great books

Incredible public pool:

Finally, we go to Heidelberg as a last hurrah before Juwe heads back to Bodensee to work. Looking back I really wish we had traveled more around Germany, next time we do anything like this it will be at the beginning of a long summer of travels, not at the end when we are out of money and energy. But the last trip to Heidelberg, while fun, was also really taxing. The kids were really demanding, we had to eat lots of ice cream cones, and Lulah developed a wicked rash on her torso and face probably from the heat, and the trek up to the castle was suuuuuuper steep and long.

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