Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday tribute to myself

Happy birthday to me! Tim did not write an obligatory tribute post about how awesome and great and pretty I am, so I am writing it for myself.

I am a) a successful grad student; b) a rockin' wife; and c) a fantastic mom. Go me!

For my birthday, Tim bought me a turquoise necklace (I actually like it!) and a sweet orange Sprout watch. I have never owned a watch that I remember, and I love it so much. I can't believe it's taken me so long to buy one. I feel like a real adult. If we are hanging out and I keep looking at my watch, it's not because I don't like you, my watch simply happens to be very attractive.

I also bought myself a pair of flannel-lined jeans from Eddie Bauer (yay for Cyber Monday!) but they are a size 4 but actually like a size 10. They are HUGE. So, that was disappointing because heaven forbid that I have to actually GO to the mall to exchange them. And then I ordered about $50 worth of shampoo, lotion, and other fanciful goodies from the Body Shop. I felt justified as I haven't bought cosmetics in about 6 years and shampoo in about 2. I can't wait to wash my hair with banana shampoo:

And lastly (it was a great-gift-giving-myself year I suppose) a really gorgeous circle-y wool scarf from Whole Foods (the best place to buy clothing, as I'm always there, but for some reason they rarely have anything in a size small so I buy less than I probably would otherwise) made by artisans in the Andes.

Our department Christmas party just so happened to coincide with my exact date of birth, so we enjoyed a fun date out while Rachel our free babysitter had things under control in our house. It was lamer than last year (the food was just bleh), but a night out nonetheless. It was fun to act like a grown-up without babies around for once.


  1. Hot watch! Can't wait to hear about your shampoo.